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A brief outline of responsible business conduct

Where does the responsibility of the individual company begin in a global context, and where does it end?

The responsibility of the individual company extends beyond the company itself. From the very gate, a grey zone begins: how far does the responsibility extend, what can a company reasonably be expected to be responsible for, and what can the company do in that regard?

Companies, organisations and authorities risk causing or contributing to adverse impacts on human and labour rights, the environment and climate etc. This is often not intentional but occurs because it is difficult to know exactly what is going on in the global marketplace. Companies need to be aware that adverse impacts can occur not only as a result of their own activities but also more indirectly in relation to business partners, e.g. in their value chain.

The OECD Guidelines help companies get clarity on this. You can read about the OECD Guidelines and the individual areas covered elsewhere on this website.

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