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Complaints Handling

Private and public companies, organisations and public authorities can be the subject of complaints. The complaint follows a number of steps within an indicative timeframe, from assessment to mediation or examination and statement by the Institution.

If you are subject of a complaint

As a company, public authority or organisation it is important to know the complaints handling procedure and the possibilities for conflict resolution provided by this framework. As an example, the Mediation and Complaints-Handling Institution does not need to be involved at all, if the parties can resolve the matter between them.

How to complain

Anyone can file a complaint. The complaint must concern non-compliance with the OECD Guideline for Multinational Enterprises and must be reasonably documented. The incident must not have taken place more than five years ago. It’s the Institution that decides whether the complaint falls within the scope of the guidelines.

As a complainant, you must be aware of the requirements to complaints. The Institution only deals with complaints that comply with these requirements. It is also important for the complainant, as for the party who is the subject of the complaint, to know the options for conflict resolution available within the complaints handling framework.

Complaints handling

How to complain:

A complaint must contain the following information:

  • Who is complaining
  • What has happened
  • Whether you complaint on behalf of others
  • Your contact details
  • Documentation supporting the complaint

You can submit your complaint on this page. You can also send us an e-mail.

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