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Campaigning and confidentiality

When a complaint is received at the NCP, the parties are called upon by the NCP not to continue campaigning in the public domain at the same time.

If the parties solve the matter between themselves, the specific instance will be rejected without the NCP publishing a statement or a decision.

If the parties do not find common ground and solve the matter between themselves, the specific instance goes on to the next step in the process, which is the NCP’s preliminary investigation. If the NCP on this basis decides to reject the specific instance, a statement will be published on the website without naming the parties to a specific instance.

If the parties choose to participate in the mediation process at the NCP, a mediation mandate will be prepared, where the complainant and the subject of the complaint agree upon a.o. criteria for confidentiality, campaigning in the public domain and e.g. involvement of medias. This is done considering the organisation of the further dialogue between the parties in the context of the mediation. The NCP may choose to decline mediation if, for example, a party fails to comply with the agreement.

If the parties succeed in finding a solution through mediation, the NCP publishes a statement including the outcome of the mediation.

If mediation fails and the case is dealt with by an actual investigation, it is announced that the NCP is carrying out an investigation.

When the investigation is completed, the NCP publishes a statement.

If you have questions, please mail to: post@virksomhedsadfaerd.dk

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