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Transparency and statements

A number of criteria apply to the publication of statements by the Mediation and Complaints Institution for Responsible Business Conduct.

The Institution endeavours to create as much transparency as possible. Transparency should, however, not constitute an obstacle to what the Institution is trying to achieve: to find satisfactory solutions to infringements of the OECD Guidelines. For the responding party, the matter often involves sensitive and difficult issues. The need for confidentiality has to be taken into account. The purpose is to strike a balance that is acceptable to both parties.

Transparency about the results achieved by the Institution is important. The Institution therefore publishes statements once a matter has been finalised. There is less transparency while a complanint is being handled. Matters successfully resolved between the parties are not published.

The cases handled by the Institution are also subject to the Danish Access to Public Administration Files Act once the case is concluded.

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